Friday, July 12, 2013


beautiful Colorado sunset
Well, back to reality (and the heat!).  We had the best time with family and friends in Colorado.  This trip was more relaxing than usual... no 14,00 plus ft mountain climbing or intense off road biking (I know, I'm so outdoorsy).  We just enjoyed our time there, relaxing at the park or sipping a cocktail on the porch while watching the sunset.  There was a lot of fly fishing, pretty little hikes, and a day trip into Crested Butte. My husband has been a fly fisherman since he was a toddler, and I have adopted the sport casually during our summer trips to Lake City.  Big news- I outfished my former fishing guide husband for the first time! Pretty proud of myself... and I'm going to soak it all up because it will probably never happen again.  Although I spent most my days lounging in t-shirts or fishing shirts, I did scoop up this Wallaroo hat... I love the style of it and all their hats are SPF 50!  
Happy Friday, AC fans, and have a lovely little weekend!
 my big fish!

enjoying our favorite things on the 4th of July
(I love Walker's Aviator Nation hat we found in LA last month)

Crested Butte

Monty on mountain adventures!
(He LOVES his Ruffwear hydration pack and hiking boots.)

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